Blitzortung Lightning Tracker

Blitzortung Lightning Tracker

Blitzortung Lightning Tracker

Anthony M Nixon Weather

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THE SOUND OF LIGHTNING DETECTION - lightning detection sounds with live radar+strikemap+skyview

Blitzortung, tracking the derecho

8/4/15-Tstorm ((radar/ lightning graphics))

Utilizes the Blitzortung lightning network to display near-real time lightning strikes and radar from around the world.

* Animated lightning strikes
* Lightning station locations and detections
* Mark favorite stations to show all their detected strikes
* Weather Radar tracks for the US, Europe, and Oceania
* Range circles to show how close strikes are

* Animate lightning strikes
All lightning strikes will be shown with an increasing ring
* Show detection stations
Lines will be drawn from stations detecting a strike to the strike location
* Display location
Your location will be displayed on the map
* Max strikes displayed
Maximum number of strikes to display on the map at a single time
* Time to display strikes
Length of time to display the strikes before they fade away

* Location permission only used locally on the device to enable you to zoom to your current location
* No personal information is ever sent from the device to any servers

* What information is this app collecting on me?
No personal information is collected from the device at all.
* Why can't I see my station?
To reduce the load on the device, stations are clustered when the map zoom is very small. By zooming the map in, more stations may be visible. To always show a certain station, hold down on the station's icon until the device vibrates. That will set it to always be visible.
* Ports
The following ports are used; Radar: 4550, Lightning: 8050-8090

Added German Translations
Added warning if encountering situation with Google Maps error #9021
Made server connection more robust in case of bad or missing data
Fixed minor issue that could result in Null Pointer
Fixed concurrent mod exception that could happen when new stations were detected
Fixed issue where alert messages could be excessive